Los 10 mandamientos de Log

Creo que este articulo es un ABC para cualquiera que se proponga hacer logs con seriedad.


Lo tome como referencia para varios casos y sirvió muchisimo como guia.

The 10 Commandments of Logging

Welcome on my blog for this new Year. After writing an answer to a thread regarding monitoring and log monitoring on the Paris devops mailing list, I thought back about a blog post project I had in mind for a long time.

I wrote this blog post while wearing my Ops hat and this is mostly addressed to developers.

Knowing how and what to log is, to me, one of the hardest task a software engineer will have to solve. Mostly because this task is akin to divination. It’s very hard to know what information you’ll need during troubleshooting... That’s the reason I hope those 10 commandments will help you enhance your application logging for the great benefits of the ops engineers :)



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