fades: FAst DEpendencies for Scripts

I traveled on Facu Batista's car to PyConAr 2014. We chatted a lot on this Buenos Aires-Rafaela trip and we had the idea of building a tool named fades to automate virtualenv dependencies.

Last week we released the 1.0 version! Here the press release.

Hello all,

We're glad to announce the release of fades 1.0. fades, a FAst DEpendencies for Scripts, is a system that automatically handles the virtualenvs in the simple cases normally found when writing scripts or simple programs.

It will automagically create a new virtualenv (or reuse a previous created one for your script), installing or updating the necessary dependencies, and execute your script inside that virtualenv.

You only need to execute the script with fades (instead of Python) and also mark the required dependencies. More details here:


To get it:

yaourt -S fades
  • Using pip if you want:

pip3 install fades
  • You can always get the multiplatform tarball and install it in the old fashion way:

wget http://taniquetil.com.ar/fades/fades-1.0.tar.gz
tar -xf fades-1.0.tar.gz
cd fades-1.0
sudo ./setup.py install

Help / questions:

Thanks in advance for your time!


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