I'm a self taught developer, frustrated CS student. I had worked with computers the last 15 years. Mostly as a SysAdmin/SysOps and currently as a Python Developer at Satellogic[0].

I have always been a proactive person, mostly self-taught, but I have taken different courses. More at my linkedin profile:

and I love to work with and in Free Software projects. GNU/Linux is my favorite platform but I also have a lot of experience in Wintel ones.

I am a passionate person, Free Software user and activist. Member of Python Argentina[1] and organizer of the BsAs Python Meetup.[2] I'm also doing the SysAdmin work for the Python Argentina Community. Along with @facundobatista I'm one of the creators of Fades[3]

I love to take pictures[4], travel and camping.

You can usually reach me in Freende as gilgamezh.

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